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Who We Are

We're a Subscription Box business delivering a box of locally curated items once per month to your student on campus.

But, we also curate boxes for Birthdays, Holidays, Pick Me Up, Final Exams, etc!!

Our boxes introduce your student to some of the most awesome businesses in town, where they'll be spending the next four years!  


What We Do

Let us help you stay connected with your college student!  We'll deliver a box once per month to your WMU or Kalamazoo College student at their Residence Hall or Apartment. 

We can also ship to any college in the U.S!*shipping fees apply

Packages Include:

Subscription Box: Your student will receive a box of locally curated items once per month, Sept - April  

$200 for the school year

($25 Billed Monthly)

**All prices include local delivery to Dorms and Campus Apartments

and you can include a personalized note!

Need a special delivery for a Birthday, or just a "pick me up" for your student? We deliver 2-4 Gourmet bakery cupcakes 

and two Mylar balloons for 

$ 23.00 - $ 33.00. 

Or, let us pick up a dozen Sweet Water Donuts to deliver!

We're not your average subscription box that delivers a bag of chips and a bottled soda.  Our boxes include  products from local businesses; everything from Gourmet Popcorn and Decadent Cupcakes to Hand Crafted Granola! We choose our vendors based on the quality of their products, so you can be confident you're sending only the very best! 

Reviews from Parents:

"Thank you for the amazing boxes! I always get a picture and a great text and it makes me happy seeing them smile!" Kathy B.

"So easy to work with/order! Both my kids absolutely LOVED their packages!" Heather F.

"Best. Service. Ever!  I won't use any other company. Personalized, caring and truly loves helping us parents." Beth A. 

"Makes my college student feel connected and loved! The service is easy to use and makes us parents look like Rock Stars!" Elizabeth L.

"This service is our 'Mom away from home!'" Chris D. 

Our Vendors for the 2019-2020 School Year Include:

Pop City Popcorn, Sarkozy Bakery, The Artisan Sandwich Co., Cheri’s Chocolart, Trish's Treats, The Dough Chicks, MacKenzie's Bakery, Kalamazoo 10 Movie Theater, Eileen's English Toffee, LT's Angry Mustard and more!!

Our December box is a $10.00 movie gift card and a $10.00 concession stand voucher to Kalamazoo 10 Theater. Kalamazoo’s oldest theater features first run movies with dolby digital sound and projection. 

Your student can take in a movie and relax in reclining seats while munching on a tub of popcorn! 



What You Do

Call, text or simply sign up to receive more information about how to purchase the Subscription Box, or how to set up a Special Delivery!

We'll do the rest!


Contact Us

Drop us a line for more information!

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